Tully is a Fish & Wildlife representative that lives near Black Lake. He appears in Lake Placid vs Anaconda. He has a daughter named Bethany Tull. She goes on a trip with a fraternity that her mom was in during her college days and tries to get in. They try to go to Clear Lake but end up at Black Lake. The girls are attacked by crocs. Tully gives a ticket to a hunter for shooting deer out of season and then he gets a call from Sheriff Reba. Tully goes to Black Lake where he helps Reba with the fence devastation and then gets a call from his daughter, Tully and Reba go inside the fence where they encounter both crocs and anacondas fighting and killing each other. Tully finds his daughter along with the surviving girls and then they find Sarah Murdoch, Beach and the extraction team trying to get the anaconda mother. One of the male anacondas is thrown into the air where it is cut to pieces by the helicopter and the helicopter blows up. Then the female swallows Beach and he pulls a grenade inside her, blowing the female up. Tully, Reba and the others leave covered in blood and Tully happily reunites with his daughter once they get outside the fence.