Vica is a character in Lake Placid 3.


She is the babysitter of Connor Bickerman. She smokes a lot and one day she was close to being found out. She hid the lighter and cigarettes in Connor's backpack. She follows Connor into the woods when he is going to feed the crocodiles and. She takes her dog named Teddy. She leaves her electrical scooter in the woods and Teddy runs off. The dog finds Connor and barks at the crocs. One croc reaches out of the water and eats Teddy, spraying Connor's shirt with blood. He runs off afterwards. Vica can be seen complaining before a croc jumps on her and she is believed dead. Connor shows up at the Bickerman cabin where Susan is and she sees the blood. As Connor tries to tell her what happened, a bloodied Vica stumbles into the cabin and collapses. They lay her down and check her wounds. When Nathan and Willinger get there, they try to get the car so Vica can be taken to the hospital. Willinger is eaten and the three Bickermans are forced outside to save one another. Vica wakes up and locks the door causing Nathan to have to saw through it. The Bickermans run to the bathroom as Vica is pulled out and eaten by a croc.