Susan Bickerman is a character in Lake Placid 3. She is the wife of Nathan Bickerman and the mother of Connor. She neglects her son because of her job and he resorts to hanging out with and feeding crocodiles. She finally realizes this after the babysitter Vica stumbles into Sadie Bickerman's cabin covered in bites and soaked with blood. Susan and Connor lay her down and try to call Nathan but there is no cell phone reception at the cabin. She tells Connor that they need to get Vica to the hospital but there are crocs outside. Nathan and Sheriff Willinger arrive at the cabin and upon seeing the crocs they load their guns. A croc hits their boat and tears it to pieces sending them into the water. They make it to the cabin barely. Later Willinger dies and the family is forced to make a run for it. They get into town with Reba and Ellie after Brett is attacked by a croc and killed. Reba is attacked by a croc and kills it but she passes out and is thought dead. Susan,Nathan,Connor and Ellie lead the giant croc to a gas station and blow it up. Susan and the others are then safe. Reba mentions in Lake Placid: The Final Chapter that Nathan took his family and left the town of Black Lake after Jim Bickerman started suing him for Sadie's cabin.