Nathan Bickerman is a character in Lake Placid 3 and also a relative to Delores, Sadie and Jim Bickerman. He has a wife named Susan and a son named Connor. Nathan forks for Fish & Wildlife. He had been tracking elk that had been let loose in the Black Lake area to repopulate. Reba the poacher had been trying to kill some so she had two other guys with her hunting at Black Lake. Nathan realizes that Connor had been playing with crocs so he called Sheriff Willinger. They stocked up on guns and set out croc hunting. Willinger is eaten later on and Nathan is left to save his family. They finally make it out of the cabin and kill several crocs. They get away from Black Lake but crocs follow. One almost kills Reba but she stabs it and passes out in Dimitri's store. Another is trapped there by a fallen shelf. the giant one follows Nathan, Connor, Susan and Ellie to a gas station where Nathan soaks it in gas and then blows it up. at the end of the movie he is seen telling a group of people that that particular species of crocodiles are now extinct. But then baby crocodiles are seen swimming in the lake. In Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, Reba states that Nathan left town with his family because Jim Bickerman was suing Nathan over Sadie's cabin.