Jim Bickerman is a character that appears in Lake Placid: The Final Chapter and Lake Placid vs. Anaconda. He is a relative to Sadie, Delores and Nathan Bickerman. He sues Nathan for Sadie's cabin causing Nathan to leave town with his family. Jim hires Dennis to help him and his team retrieve croc eggs. Jim's team dies along with Dennis and Jim holds Max Loflin hostage so he'll help him get some croc eggs. Max's dad punches Jim in the face and Jim is left to the mercy of the crocodiles. He is seen to be bitten in half but in Lake Placid vs Anaconda he comes back missing an eye, hand and leg. He is paid by Sarah Murdoch to retrieve a croc from Black Lake. Jim is thought as expendable after he insults Sarah by calling her a psychopath. When he falls overboard on the lake, he is left behind. He is attacked by a croc and again thought dead. But then he crawls up on shore and laughs hysterically. Defeating death by crocodile twice.