Crocodile 1999 01
Other names Crocodile
Giant Croc
Giant Saltwater Crocodile
Saltwater Crocodile
Killer Crocodile
Crocodile from Lake Placid
Distribution Unknown origin across the Pacific Ocean; Black Lake, Maine (USA)
First appearance Lake Placid (1999)
Latest appearance Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015)
Created by Steve Miner and David E. Kelley

The Giant Crocodile is a giant predatory killer crocodile and the main villain of the Lake Placid-series. It is a species of saltwater crocodile known to inhabit Black Lake in Maine, but is thought to have migrated there from a location across the Pacific Ocean.

Character biography

Lake Placid

The Giant Saltwater Crocodile arrived suddenly at Black Lake, Maine, after having swam there from an unknown location across the Pacific Ocean and finally reached North America. It ended up in Black Lake and decided to stay there, and town officials soon found there to be something in the lake which should not be there after a diver was found to have been attacked and killed by an unknown animal.

Police forces and a paleontologist was sent after to investigate and soon found this species of giant crocodile living in the lake, and that a woman living by the lake had been feeding them livestock. Two crocodiles were eventually found to exist in the lake, a male and a female, and the female was killed while the male was captured and transported away from the lake to an undisclosed location. However, this couple had already spawned, and the babies were left in the lake to be fed by the lonely woman living in the area.

Lake Placid 2

The offspring of these giant crocodiles survived unto adulthood and initiated a new wave of terror across the lake with all its inhabitants and tourists. The crocodiles kept reproducing, and many people around the area of the lake were hunted, killed and eaten by these crocodiles, and the town officials and people around the lake started killing them off.

Lake Placid 3

At one point, so few signs existed of the crocodiles survival that it was suspected extinct, but some signs still suggested that they could still be alive and there was controversy over whether the animals should be protected or eradicated. But a new litter of crocodiles was found to be alive, which were constantly fed by a young boy who visited the area, and they later invaded the nearby town. These animals were eventually exterminated and they had now been declared extinct.

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

Although the animals once again returned and proved to have survived, so now town officials had a large electric fence put up around the lake so that people should stay away from harm and so that the animals wouldn't be harmed. But a group of people accidentally ventured into the area and the crocodiles escaped the enclosure around the lake. Once again, many people died, and the crocodiles were killed off. But not entirely.

Lake Placid vs. Anaconda






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