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Other names Anaconda
Warrior Snake
Distribution Amazon (Brazil); Borneo (Asia); Wexel Hall Pharmaceuticals lab; Romania (Europe); Black Lake, Maine (USA)
First appearance Anaconda (1997)
Latest appearance Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015)
Created by Luis Llosa, Hans Bauer and Frank Welker

The Giant Anaconda is a giant predatory killer snake and the main villain of the Anaconda-series. It is known to naturally inhabit the Amazon and the Borneo rainforests. It is considered a powerful and deadly mythical animal which is often spoken about or worshipped by indigenous people in the regions.

Character biography

Common characteristics of the Giant Anaconda are its great size, its fast movements, its sneaky behavior, its ability to crush the bones of its victims, aswell as the instinctive habit to regurgitate prey just so it can kill and eat again. The wild Anacondas of the Amazon and Borneo grow to their gigantic sizes because of old age, but the genetically manipulated Anacondas of Wexel Hall and Romania grow large because of an effect from the Blood Orchids (in contrast to the Borneo Anacondas which grew large as a side-effect to living longer thanks to the flower).

Amazonian Anaconda

Anaconda the movie

First appearing in the 1997 film Anaconda, the Amazonian Anacondas were a subspecies of Giant Anaconda encountered by a group of people filming a National Geographic documentary in the Amazon River of Brazil. The Anaconda kills everyone in the crew except two individuals who succeeded to kill it with an axe. Paul Serone, a hunter seeking to catch the animal and got killed and eaten by it in the process, called it a "warrior snake". The sound of this Anaconda was produced by Frank Welker.

Borneo Anaconda


First appearing in the 2004 film Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, the Borneo Anacondas were a subspecies of Giant Anaconda encountered on the island of Borneo in Indonesia by a group of researchers from Wexel Hall searching for the extremely rare flower called the Blood Orchid which can allow you to live longer and healthier lives, and in the case of the Anacondas, grow bigger due to their long lifespans. The flower was eventually discovered in the middle of a large nest of these snakes, which was destroyed by the surviving researchers in the act of trying to escape the snakes.

Murdoch Anaconda

Anaconda III 1244988872 2 2008

First appearing in the 2008 film Anaconda 3: Offspring, the Murdoch Anacondas were a genetically engineered subspecies of Giant Anaconda and which escaped from a Wexel Hall research facility (Wexel Hall Pharmaceuticals) focusing on research of the Blood Orchids, funded by a billionaire named Murdoch who seeks to produce a serum to cure his bone cancer. This type of Anaconda had evolved a sharp tail with spikes to use as a deadly weapon and defense. A male and female Anaconda were transported to the lab from the Amazon, and the female ended up pregnant and produced a litter of baby Anacondas before being killed in an explosion.

Romanian Anaconda


First appearing in the 2009 film Anacondas: Trail of Blood, the Romanian Anacondas were a new genetically engineered subspecies of Giant Anaconda, and the offspring of the deceased Murdoch Anacondas. This type of Anaconda were developed by a lone scientist in the Romanian Carpathians, Romania, conducting further research on the Blood Orchids and developing a cell-regeneration serum from the plants. This also allowed these snakes to regenerate whenever they loose a part of their body, thus being unable to die. Dr. Amanda Hayes, who contributed to the death of the Murdoch Anacondas, suddenly arrived on the scene to unsuccessfully exterminate the snakes with the help of a group of archeologists. She ended up escaping the regenerating snakes with a few other survivors, but Murdoch (arriving to gather the produced serum) was killed by the snake.

Maine Anaconda

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First appearing in the 2015 film Lake Placid vs. Anaconda.







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