Ellie is a character in Lake Placid 3. She is the girlfriend of Brett. She goes on a trip with Aaron, Tara and Charlie to get away from Brett because they are fighting. Ellie watches as Charlie disappears, then Tara. She and Aaron then get lost in the woods. She yells for Brett because she finds his jacket and Aaron tells her to shut up. Aaron leaves her by herself and she keeps yelling for Brett. Aaron runs into a crocodile and is eaten. Ellie finally sees Brett on Reba's boat with a spotlight an she runs to the shore. A croc is right there in the water and she doesn't know it. Brett yells for her to get out of the way and he hits the croc with the boat. It falls on shore unconscious as Brett is thrown from the boat. He and Ellie reunite for a brief few minutes and then the croc revives. Brett tells Ellie to run as he shoots at the croc. To no avail, the croc devours Brett. Ellie finds Nathan, Susan, Connor and Reba running out of the cabin. she helps them get to town where Reba is attacked and believed dead. A store owner named Mr. Dimitri comes across them and is killed by a croc. Ellie, Nathan, Connor and Susan lead the big croc to a gas station where they blow it up. Ellie is later seen in an ambulance having her pulse checked.