Connor Bickerman is a character in Lake Placid 3. He is the son of Susan and Nathan Bickerman. He takes to feeding crocodiles after his parents neglect him because of their work. Connor keeps feeding them until they eat Vica's dog. He runs to the Bickerman cabin and is shortly followed by a mangled Vica. Susan lays Vica down and tries to call Nathan but there isn't any reception. Nathan and Sheriff Tony Willinger shortly arrive at the cabin looking for crocs and are thrown overboard their boat. They make it to the cabin barely. Willinger is eaten after trying to escape which gives the Bickermans the chance to escape while the crocs are busy. Vica is eaten in the chaos. They end up getting back in the cabin shortly after. Reba and Brett show up later that night. Brett takes a gun and Reba's boat and goes to search for Ellie. Connor, Susan, Nathan and Reba leave the cabin and they encounter a distraught Ellie who just saw Brett being eaten by a croc. They go into town where Mr. Dimitri dies and Reba is presumed dead. They lead the big croc to a gas station and blow it up. In Lake Placid: The Final Chapter, Reba states that Nathan left with his family after Jim Bickerman started suing him for Sadie's cabin.