Brett is a character in Lake Placid 3. He is also the college boyfriend of Ellie. She leaves him to go on a trip so she can get away from him for a while. They end up at Black Lake. Brett hires Reba the poacher to help him track her down because he doesn't want her to do something stupid. Reba, Brett, Jonas and Walt also end up at Black Lake. Reba, Walt and Jonas try to hunt elk while Brett objects. They go out on Reba's boat and are attacked by a croc. Walt is eaten but Jonas and Brett are able to pull Reba back to shore. Jonas finds some guns and they wander through the woods for a while. They are attacked by another croc but Jonas and Reba are able to kill it. Jonas starts to celebrate until a croc jumps out of the woods and decapitates him. Then it starts dragging Reba through the woods. Brett finally grows a pair and picks up a gun to shoot the croc. But Reba stabs it and gets up. Brett's bullet ends up hitting Reba in the shoulder. The croc retreats leaving Brett to deal with an injured Reba. Brett wants to continue looking for Ellie so Reba knocks him out and drags him back to the boat. Then she drives to the Bickerman cabin where she finds Connor, Nathan and Susan hiding from the crocs. Brett wakes up and bursts into the cabin.He steals a gun and then Reba's boat to look for Ellie. He finds her about to be eaten by a croc so he hits it with the boat, throwing himself and the croc onto shore. Brett and Ellie reunite for a few brief seconds and then the croc wakes up. Brett tells Ellie to run and he picks up the gun and starts shooting at the croc. To no avail, he is taken down and devoured by the crocodile.